Much of my jewelry is rooted in creating new and challenging techniques and styles.  I also am very inspired by folklore and mythology.    

Mythology Series- I really enjoy mythology, especially the female characters.  My jewelery inspired by these stories is meant to further illustrate the ideas and morals learned.  

Techniques and Style- Challenging myself at my workbench is how  I discover  new techniques.  Many are made by seeing how far I can push my creativity not only to make a new technique but to use that technique to make  an elegant piece.  

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Demeter's Hope necklace

This set is inspired by the cyclical return and departure of her beloved daughter, Persephone. Demeter, the goddess of harvest, is separated from her daughter for six months out of every year because Persephone was tricked into marrying Hades. During the winter, the leaves on her jewelery set are white when she is most lonely. The leaves gradually turn green when spring approaches, harkening the arrival of Persephone and new life for the earth.