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About Cynthia B. Wuller

Cynthia has always lived with the need to create.  She is especially drawn to learning and creating techniques in any medium she is working with.  Texture and color are huge driving forces behind her work.

She has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  There she focused mainly on fashion, fiber, and metal working.  She also studied art, fashion, and history in Florence Italy.    



Jewelry and Fiber

Her jewelry pieces were first published in 2007.  Her own book, Inspired Wire, has been a bestseller  on Amazon in almost every country since its release in 2008, and it has been reprinted 4 times.  To date her work has been featured online and in magazines, and she also is a contributing artist in 9 books.   



Abstract painting is a newest medium she is undertaking.  She brings the same drive to search for her own methods creating interesting, unique, and pleasing pieces.  Textures, colors, and experimental techniques inspire her to create different styles of abstract pieces.  She prefers to work on a larger scale giving her more freedom to experiment.  Because of her need to try new techniques, her style constantly evolves.





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