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Black and White Series

I am drawn to abstract painting as a means to create new techniques that in turn make interesting pieces.  I eschew brushes for palette knives and often srcape off surfaces to see what has developed under thick coatings of paint.  I am also pushed to create texture.  I want the viewer to want to touch the pieces and feel the bumps and lines.  It's another way to become immersed.  Lines make the viewer want to push past the foreground to see what is just behind the surface.  The lines engage the viewer to want more from the pieces, and they are rewarded when their eyes can find the medium between the lines and the background, the base of the work.


Bold black lines with pops of red and yellow are partially obscured by hazy, gray ridges.   Excess paint is scraped off to produce those textured lines and gives the effect of uncovering the more defined image below. 

Neon Series

Bright colors and swirling patterns are partially hidden behind many lines and ridges.  Paint is put on and scraped off revealing and obscuring the story.  

Line Series

Texture, color, and lines form a sort of map or grid that lets the eye wander.  Much like a light dusting of snow, white covers the bumpy surfaces and hints at what is just under the surface.   

Silver Series

The Silver Series evokes a serene and mystical feel.  The heavily textured surface of each piece not only brings dimension, but creates an untold story of how and why it came to be.

While trying to evolve my style and techniques, I create works that don't fit into any category.  I consider these non-series paintings.



Spackle Paintings

This group of paintings was based on expanding my techinque using spackle as a medium.  Also, bold colors and stripes dominate much of the work.  The thickened paint inspired me to push and swipe it across the canvas creating a roughened texture.  I really enjoyed when the under layers of paint showed through during the process because of the added surprise and dimension.

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